We got a call about KING FM listener Michael getting a phone call from someone saying they were with our station, and that he had “won a vacation in the Bahamas.” All he had to do was first provide some of his information. That’s where the alarms go off.

If we were calling you to let you know you are a winner, we would already have your information, i.e. that you provided while signing up while we are out and about at an event or on remote.

But it turns out that this is nothing new, nor is it original. There are all kinds of scams and this “Bahamas Vacation” is being used all over the country with various radio stations being invented or co-opted to gain your confidence and your information to further their cause of ripping you off. Some are quite elaborate!

Currently, KING-FM has plenty of great things to win, starting with trip to San Diego to cheer on our Cowboys,

These are real prizes that you can really win. They are all at KINGFM.com. We also giveaway great prizes on the air, and when we go to events or on site remotes. Notice all these ways of winning involve you, coming to us. We are not going to call you out of the blue to interrupt your dinner or whatever else you may be doing.

You watch out for the scammers, we’ll watch out for you.

These scams are happening across America.

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