My mind has responded to this quarantine in a weird way. Instead of being an introvert and focusing on things inside, I find myself planning on where I want to go once we're able to again. Near the top of the list is Big Horn Canyon which I consider to be one of Wyoming's hidden treasures.

A guy recently shared a video from his visit to Big Horn Canyon. Just look at this drop-dead gorgeous beauty.

The reason why I consider this a hidden treasure is that it's off the beaten path where it's not exactly on the way to Yellowstone. Big Horn Canyon is to the northeast of Cody near Lovell, Wyoming.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

You really have to make an extra 45 minutes free to visit Big Horn Canyon unless you're on your way to Montana. That being said, it is so very much worth it. You won't find better canyon views in our state unless you're in Yellowstone.

Let's hope this pandemic situation gets solved soon so gorgeous places like Big Horn Canyon are open for our adventures again. It's definitely on my list of go-to places.

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