Don't worry, Big Lots didn't move far. They are still in the Cheyenne Plaza Shopping Center just on the corner now where Hobby Lobby once was.

Over the past month or so, the old Big Lots that was next to Sportsman has been liquidating and getting rid of all their items in the store. They finally got rid of all the old items and brought new ones into their brand-new store. This new Big Lots is completely different from their old one.  For one, the furniture area is now directly in the middle of the store. It is way bigger than the other store, aisles are wider, more options in products and way more food selection.

This store is a new concept for Big Lots, as it is a store of the future. There is plenty of staff walking around waiting to greet and help you.  Stop in today and see how great it looks.

Here are a few pictures of the outside and inside.

Big Lots

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