Does anyone remember the Arch Delux? I barely remember it, but I distinctly remember it having somewhere around 700 patties on it and probably that secret sauce.

Really Big Macs cost a little more here than in most states, but it depends on how much you're pinching your pennies. Really, it's down to somewhere between 30 and 50 cents at most. But, still. You gotta have that secret sauce and the two all-beef patties when you need it. It'll just cost you a little more here in the Cowboy State. This, of course, is all from the website Zippia.

Zippia grabbed some analytics and did some averages and decided that they only wanted to look into how much it cost for a Big Mac alone, not with an order of fries and Orange HI-C. So, this is the bare minimum, I don't want the frills kind of situation.

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So, what about the states surrounding us, are we more expensive?

Well, the price of a Big Mac in Wyoming is $4.35. Colorado is just a little more at $4.59, and Nebraska is less at $4.07. If you're wondering, and I know you are, the most expensive is, surprise surprise, Hawaii. Their Big Mac's roll in at $5.31. Mississippi was the cheapest at $3.91.

For the most part, the prices are all relative, though, the price difference between Hawaii and Mississippi are pretty stark, I'd say that you're not really paying much of a difference from one end to the other unless you're in an airport. Then, you'll probably pay more.

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