Whether you believe or not (and I personally do) there was NO DOUBT that Bigfoot was out and about and seen all along I-70 recently.

Believers and non-believers alike are ALL on the same page after Bigfoot was no doubt spotted all along I-70 on Monday (June 7th). But wait, if Bigfoot was "all along" the freeway could that mean there are multiples out there??

Is it possible that there is an entire family of Bigfoots out there or even colonies and communities that are FINALLY ready to come out of hiding and simply be a part of our everyday lives?? Yes, that is absolutely a possibility and yes...I am a believer but unfortunately (for me anyways because I REALLY want to meet and hangout with Bigfoot) that was actually not the case with the sightings.

According to CBS Denver, A crate marked “Caution: Captured Sasquatch” was on the move from Ohio to Colorado and inside that crate was a 7'3 bigfoot...a mechanical bigfoot that was on the move and on its way to the Sasquatch Outpost.

The crate was specifically built for this trip from Ohio to Colorado and obviously sparked plenty of curiosity, conversations and laughs all along the way.

Bigfoot will make himself visible at the Sasquatch Museum, which is considered one of the top 10 wackiest places to visit in Colorado.

And THAT brings me to my next question...how the heck did I NOT know there's a Sasquatch Museum in Colorado???? Oh yeah, you better believe I'm heading to check this place out sooner than later.

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