Back in the days prior to social distancing, we were able to have parties and play games with each other, like beer pong. Do you remember your first time playing? Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong claimed he played his first game with rapper Post Malone.

Adam Degross, Post's tour manager, posted a video on Instagram of the two of them playing beer pong, which apparently aired on Cartoon Network's late-night programming, Adult Swim. Armstrong then commented on the video saying, "I played my first game of beer pong with [Post Malone]."

The two continued on for a brief exchange, with Degross suggesting the vocalist play a second round with the rapper. "Social distancing beer pong... beer tennis," Armstrong replied. Maybe we'll eventually get to see that rematch once life goes back to normal.

"How is this metal?"

Well, you have the lead singer of Green Day playing an alcoholic game with the metal-loving rap sensation who's done several collaborations with Ozzy Osbourne. So, yeah, that sounds like a party we'd want to partake in.

See the Instagram post below.

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