What's a little competitive guitar battling amongst friends? Luckily fans of Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne producer Andrew Watt recently had a chance to find out as they engaged in an Instagram duel.

Posty kicked things off, simply starting his video stating, "Hi, my name is Austin Post and I'm better than Andrew Watt at the guitar." The musician then pulled out a bit of the Grammy winning instrumental guitar favorite "Cliffs of Dover" from guitar great Eric Johnson. Apparently, Malone had been honing his chops for some time, stating to the camera that this was "Take 100."

Though killing it in the pop world (with Watt's production assistance), Post Malone has shown his love for harder rock, appearing on the Watt-produced Ozzy Osbourne album Ordinary Man earlier this year and also staging a livestream dedicated to the music of Nirvana.

But Watt didn't run from the challenge. Not only did he produce Ozzy Osbourne's Ordinary Man album, but he's also held his own with Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham in California Breed, so you knew he'd have something ready to rock.

"Well, well, well. Austin Post. If you didn't think I had a rebuttal, let me just remind you of something I wrote not too long ago," stated Watt, sitting in front of a bunch of guitar pedals ready to lay down his own signature riffage.

Watt even captioned his Instagram post, "Battle - You ain't shit @postmalone."

At present, Malone has yet to respond to Watt's electrifying rebuttal, so we'll have to wait and see if this challenge has some more mileage in it. But it did give us a moment showing the broad base of Post Malone's influences.

"Cliffs of Dover" won the Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance at the 1992 Grammy Awards. It was featured on Eric Johnson's 1990 release, Ah Via Musicom.

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