KISS guitarist and co-vocalist Paul Stanley isn't a fan of face tattoos, but that has prevented his love for Post Malone.

That's evident in a pair of tweets the rocker fired off over the weekend. On Sunday (Feb. 16), Stanley took to Twitter to share a CNN article about celebrity face tattoos while warning followers against the practice.

"Don't..." the longtime KISS member urged alongside a link to the write-up. The piece points out some celebrities who have recently gained permanent facial art.

See Stanley's reaction down toward the bottom of this post.

Highlighted in the article are musicians such as Post Malone, Chris Brown and The Game. Also listed are actor Presley Gerber plus model Amber Rose and her boyfriend. But the KISS member followed up his brief warning against face tattoos with a disclaimer that he wasn't singling out Posty.

"BTW… I'm a big fan of Post Malone and didn't choose his photo," Stanley added. "Aside from a few already successful entertainers and the kids of a few rich celebrities who may not worry yet, marking your face will GREATLY limit your options and is a fad that will cost you more than that tattoo."

Clearly, the KISS guitarist prefers the type of facial decoration that can be washed off after a performance. His group have always donned face makeup onstage save for a brief respite in the '80s and '90s.

KISS are currently on tour in North America as part of their "End of the Road" final world tour. Still, Stanley has said the band won't necessarily disappear altogether after the trek. Get KISS concert tickets here.

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