Don't let the word "symphony" fool you - Black Jacket Symphony is a phenomenal ensemble of singers, drummers, and guitar players ready to ROCK your world. I had the pleasure of seeing them perform an homage to Led Zeppelin last week, and let me tell you - ABSOLUTE FIRE! The lead singer, John Campbell, was a dead ringer for Robert Plant. The light show was a perfect mix of electrifying graphics and psychedelic colors. And the guitar riffs? Breathtaking. (I mean, Immigrant Song? Ben Owens, I applaud you.)

If you missed Black Jacket Perform in November, I have some MAJOR news for you - they'll be back with a new array of epic musicians to rock in Cheyenne this March to perform some of the greatest hits from the 1960s rock stars Fleetwood Mac. And better yet? Pre-Sale tickets are on sale NOW.

Black Jacket Symphony Presents Fleetwood Mac 'Rumors'

Black Jacket Symphony brings all the flair and excitement of a 1960s rock show to the Cheyenne Civic Center on Saturday, March 4, at 8 p.m. You'll want to score your tickets before they sell out because every Black Jacket Show is a blast. We've got all the details on their pre-sale below:

  • Pre-sale password: HOWDY
  • On sale: Friday, November 18 at 10:00 a.m. MST
  • Buy tickets at AXS

Tickets would make a great stocking stuffer for the classic rock fan in your home.

About Black Jacket Symphony's 'Rumors' Tour

Remember putting on an album and listening from start to finish? Relive that moment with a live concert experience unlike any other as The Black Jacket Symphony recreates Fleetwood Mac’s iconic album 'Rumours' live in its entirety—note for note, sound for sound—plus a full set of Fleetwood Mac’s greatest hits. Over the past ten years, the Black Jacket Symphony has performed over 40 classic rock albums, bringing an incredible night of entertainment to over a million music lovers across the US. The group of hand-picked musicians changes based upon the album being performed—and no sonic detail is overlooked, with the musicians doing whatever it takes to reproduce the album. It’s a full night of rock and roll magic—plus a visual experience unlike any other. Fans across the country flock to their shows—and once you see one, you won’t miss another! - Emporium Presents

Here's a sample of the Black Jacket Symphony 'Rumors' tour:

Check Out Black Jacket Symphony Performing 'Led Zeppelin IV' in Cheyenne

Check out snapshots from Black Jacket Symphony's performance of Led Zeppelin's Fourth album in Cheyenne on November 9, 2022.

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