Last year, a large tornado near Chugwater, Wyoming destroyed a storm chaser's drone. He has just now found that drone and recovered super close-up video that it captured of that twister.

The chaser's YouTube channel is called More Pi. He seems to do a lot of chasing in northern Colorado and Wyoming. He was one of the many that captured footage of the Chugwater tornado that hit last 4th of July. I would recommend watching his entire journey above as he tells the story of how he lost his drone and used GPS data in his phone to find the drone, GoPro and SD card with the video of the tornado on it. But, you can jump right to the new close-up video of the Chugwater tornado here.

It's an amazing video of that tornado without about 50 yards before it got thrown to the ground. His goal was to get it inside the tornado, but that's about as close as you can get without actually doing it.

This guy is a recommended follow if you're interested in tornado chasing in Wyoming. Along with Reed Timmer, he seems to capture lots of videos of storms near us.

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