It's that fun time of year when bull moose believe they rule and are challenged by just about everything. Doubt my words? Watch a bull moose who took a distinct dislike to a Colorado family's swing set recently.

Based on the video description, this moose vs swing set showdown just happened in Breckenridge, Colorado. The family who captured the video inferred that the bull moose was "playing" with the swing set. I think his intentions were much more intense.

All About Moose (a website I regularly visit due to my affinity for all things moose) tells the story of the rut which reaches a fever pitch in early October. This big boy likely just pranced down from the higher elevations looking for a love connection with a moose cow and saw this (to him) very threatening swing set that dared to challenge his command over this area.

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How did the swing set challenge the moose? By simply existing which is a great lesson for any of us humans who happen upon a bull moose especially in October. The general rule with moose is if you have their attention, you're in trouble. Being ignored by a moose is desirable. This swing set was not quite so lucky.

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