This just in. You shouldn't take selfies with wild animals. That would seem to be common sense, but that doesn't seem to work in one Colorado town where authorities are begging people to stop grabbing phone pics with a wild moose.

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I first saw this fun (but potentially dangerous) Colorado moment shared by The Today Show. It's the town of Erie, Colorado. Their police department took to Facebook to try and convince the populace to leave a wild moose alone.

The problem with moose selfies is that three people have been injured by moose already in this part of Colorado as The Today Show shared.

As A to Z Animals mentions, moose aren't dangerous to humans if they are left alone. As these Colorado residents have learned (the hard way), moose can become aggressive if agitated. The article mentions they can be very moody if hungry and/or tired. In that way, they are like us humans.

How Stuff Works proves how moose can be more dangerous than bears. That has more to do with the fact that more humans come close to moose than bears, but still. The same common sense principle applies which apparently doesn't work in Erie, Colorado.

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