After 20 years in Fort Collins, C.B. & Potts brewing will temporarily not brew their own by the end of April.

The chain will look for a new brewery site, not easy in the Fort Collins real estate market, and needing a place accessible. C.B. & Potts does promise, however, they will brew again in Fort Collins.

C.B. & Potts’ exit along with the soon closing of Pateros Creek Brewing leave Fort Collins with 19 craft breweries. Awww, don’t we find that sad for Fort Collins? Gee, the Poudre Valley will be down to just 19.

Seriously, the good news is that three other brewers plan to open by the end of the year in FoCo:  Freedonia Brewing, D.C. Oakes  and 1933 Brewing Rebrand.

Meanwhile there is some good news about Accomplice Brewery here. Accomplice is now officially brewing its own beer. Accomplice had been serving regional craft beers, some from those Fort Collins. At Cheyenne Depot Plaza, Accomplice did a great job naming beers like "Lincoln Rail Ale" and "Slumber Car Porter."

That means Cheyenne is now up to a total of three craft breweries serving their own beer, including Daniel Marks Brewery (review here) and Freedom's Edge Brewing Company (review here). They are all three within walking distance of each other in downtown Cheyenne.

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