As a craft beer lover, it's really embarrassing to admit I've lived in Cheyenne for nearly three years and had never been to Freedom's Edge Brewing Company.

Since I had never been, naturally I had to try everything...

The atmosphere is perfect for a microbrew. Just enough space to pack it on a weekday night. The building makes you feel like you're hanging out in a garage with your buddies.

The bartender and only employee in the building at the time was friendly and got to my order promptly. Overhearing him speak with other customers, it was obvious he was well versed with craft beer and other microbreweries in the area.

My only complaint about the service was, I purchased a flight for $12, handed the bartender a $20 bill, and only received $7 in change. Which is cool because I would have tipped anyway, but the fact that I didn't get all of my change back was rough. I'm positive this was just an oversight in a busy bar.

On to the good stuff, the beer....

Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media
Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media

Pony Kick Wheat 4.7% ABV - Easy to drink wheat beer with a subtle note of hops in the finish and some lemon. Would be great after mowing the lawn or on a hot summer day.

High Noon Chili - 5.8% ABV - I LOVE chili beer, and this was a let down for me. There are some good flavors of pepper, citrus, wheat, and chili, but they are not very distinctive. If you're new to chili beer, I would suggest this as a solid starter. Side note - If you're a chili beer fan, right now at 1933 Brewing Company in Ft. Collins, there's an amazing chili beer on tap!

Columbus Pale - 5.6% ABV - If you are trying to wean yourself off of Bud Light and Coors Light, this is a place to start. This is not a great beer, but it is better than Bud and Coors. There's some lemon and grapefruit traces in an otherwise basic pale ale.

1890 IPA - 7% ABV - Found this disappointing. Not quite hoppy enough, not quite enough citrus. A bit of lemon and "grasiness." Just thought it lacked the hop taste I often desire.

Hoppysaurus - 7.2% ABV - The hops I missed in the 1890 were quickly made up for with this beer branded as a Red IPA. Great flavor, hoppy and slightly bitter, but easy to drink. One of the best beers I've had in Cheyenne.

F.E.B.C. ESB - 5.1% ABV - All of that stands for Freedom's Edge Brewing Company's Extra Special Bitter. ESB's are typically well balanced between malt and bitterness and I thought this one fit the description well. Lots of citrus flavors in this beer, some noticeable hops in the finish, and overall very smooth.

Nadajava Amber - 5.1% ABV - Coffee lover? Here's your go-to. There was virtually no coffee in the nose, but it's definitely there when you take a sip. It's a true amber and easy to drink with a solid coffee finish. Thought this was a very good beer.

Top Hat Porter - 5.7% ABV - A porter with great flavor. Noticed some coffee and cocoa notes up front followed by a bit of caramel. Very smooth and drinkable, if you're a dark beer/porter fan give it a whirl.

Overall, I was impressed with Freedom's Edge. The beer was hit and miss for me, but the Hoppysaurus, Nadajava, ESB, and Top Hat were enough to get me back in the door. Really enjoyed the atmosphere, too.


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