Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media
Jerrad Anderson, Townsquare Media

*Please keep in mind, the reviews in this story are ONLY from the author who is an admitted "beer snob" and not a reflection of this radio station or Townsquare Media.

From a beer snob - Cheyenne has been in dire need of more brewery options.

Relief came this weekend with the opening of Danielmarks Brewery and Tap Room. 

While there was a big grand opening party this weekend that was very well attended, I decided to check the place out on a slower Monday afternoon.

After quizzing the bartender about the brewery, I learned the place is a true reflection of the American dream. A couple of guys working for a power company had a goal to one day open a brewery. After a small Victorian style home built in 1886 went up for sale in Cheyenne, they decided to purchase it and apply for a business license.

The brewery is located at 209 E. 18th Street and has been renovated to perfection. Although it feels like you're walking into a neighbors house at first, you quickly notice a welcoming bar and table area. A venture to the backyard reveals an open patio with tables and chairs, lawn games, and a stage area large enough to fit a band.

At the time of my visit, there were five other patrons in the bar and just one bartender. While the bartender was extremely polite and friendly, an issue with the tap system seemed to keep me waiting longer than normal for my flight. Another one into the con column is the price. $12 for a flight is steep in Denver, which means it's especially steep in Cheyenne.

Here are the six beers I sampled as part of the flight seen in the photo above:

Shattercane IPA: Easily my favorite choice on the menu. A smooth, refreshing IPA with the right amount of citrus and bitter notes. If you're new to IPA's or don't want hops that pack a huge punch, this is solid! Highly recommend 

Old Regret Red AleYou may have a new regret with this one. I found it relatively bland and underwhelming. There are subtle notes of caramel and roasted barley. Do not recommend 

Copper Thief Amber AleA smoky ale with notes of citrus and a slight bit of hops. This is decent if you're an amber ale fan. Average 

Angle Iron StoutYou can tell the brewmaster is a big fan of caramel. Which normally works, but I was served a pretty flat stout. It may have been the tap issue, but it took away from the the flavor caramel and roasted barley usually provides in a stout. Want to try again 

Starmaker Pale AleWas incredibly confused by this one. I saw this beer listed in three places, once as an IPA, twice as a pale ale. This was the "hoppiest" pale ale I've had in a long time, which begs the question... is it a Pale Ale or an IPA? Two styles of beer drinkers that typically don't mix. Do not recommend 

Blue Citra IPA  - Overall a very good beer, I could see myself really enjoying this on the patio on a hot summer day. Think blue moon with a bite of hops, and again, yes, more caramel notes. Highly recommend

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Danielmarks Brewing and Tap Room and can't wait to go back. They've only had their doors open officially for a couple weeks, so a couple kinks to work out are natural. I hope they have a longer lifespan than Cheyenne Brewing Company!

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