I like venison roasts, steaks, burgers, and venison jerky. Delicious!

When I heard of the oncoming venison sandwich at Arby’s, I was curious. On Saturday, October 21st, Arby’s nationwide chain debuted their venison sandwich and I got one.

I popped open the box and got my first look.

Coop, Townsquare Media

I checked under the hood and saw some onion rings and sauce and thought "good idea on the onion rings." Kinda skimpy on the sauce, but I guess I wanted to try the meat, that was in the shape and size of a small fillet. I thought it might have been a good idea to slice up the meat the way they do with their other sandwiches, but that was not to be. Okay, any way….

I took a bite and was unimpressed, it was just kind of "blah." The sauce and onion rings stood out, but the meat seemed reminiscent of the cardboard box the sandwich came in.

Coop, Townsquare Media

I got about halfway through the sandwich and ran into some serious gristle. So much so, I tried to eat around it but could not. At almost $8, I felt ripped off.

To sum it up, I will go back to Arby’s in the future, but I will never again order one of their venison sandwiches. I think I’ll return the inedible portion for a refund.

Coop, Townsquare Media