This is big news for McDonald's fans around the country. For the first time in 8 years, the world's most popular fast food franchise is bringing back the McRib to every location in the United States on December 2nd, 2020.

The announcement was made via their official Twitter account earlier this morning (October 30th, 2020).

There was some confusion on the internet about the last time the McRib had actually been seen. Several people have even taken to social media to call out CNBC for saying this will be the first time the famous sandwich has been released since 2012. It has been made available almost annually in certain markets, but not nationwide. McDonald's took to their official Twitter feed (again) to clear things up.

I was glad Mickey D's posted that, because I distinctly remember getting a McRib in Sedalia, Missouri in November of 2017. I also remember coming back to Casper and it not being available.

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So there you have it. For those who have never tried the McRib before locally, you will now have that chance. For those that have and love it (like myself), it's finally coming back!

McRib sandwich
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*To my peers that know I don't usually partake in the eating of the swine, you are 100% correct. I do NOT normally eat pork, but this is my Achilles' heel, the Kryptonite to my Superman, the cutting of Samson's hair, a.k.a. my weakness. That's why I'm glad this is a limited time only type of thing.* 

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