With two more Wyoming counties imposing fire restrictions as the Eclipse Fest Weekend, it's important for visitors and locals alike to know what fire restrictions are in place and what is and is not allowed for campers and park goers.

Someone asked me if they could take a BBQ with them to do some grilling in a Casper park on Monday during the eclipse?  I told them Yes, that's allowed but only if it's a gas BBQ - charcoal and open fuel sources like split fire wood are not allowed during the fire ban restrictions.

The Natrona Count Fire District posted the following to their Facebook page:



In Casper and many neighboring cities, you CAN have a fire pit, outdoor fireplace or charcoal BBQ only if it's on your personal property and meets the criteria set in place by the local fire district. 

However - materials like paper products, yard debris, leaves, garbage, etc cannot be burned at this time!

Portable outdoor fireplaces should no closer than 15 feet to a building or combustible materials.  Appliances must utilize a screen while burning.

A fire extinguisher of at least a 4-A rating or a charged water hose must be in close proximity to the appliance while burning.  All fires and BBQ's should not be left unattended at any time until the fire is fully extinguished.

Fires shall not be ignited if wind conditions create a hazardous situation or when a Red Flag Warning is in place.

Casper FD or EMS may order a fire to be discontinued if they feel the smoke, odors cause a public nuisance or create a hazardous situation.

These fire ban exceptions are only within the City of Casper, your local city ordinances should be checked prior to igniting any fire.

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