No matter if you are from a place or new to a region, there are always local ways to pronounce proper names.

Being in radio, we've lived all over the country and the biggest way to offend the locals is not knowing how to pronounce the proper names of local landmarks, points of interests and cities. In Wyoming, we have a few hard proper names to pronounce. I had no idea how to say Meeteetse. (it's Ma-tet-see) Ok not that hard, but if you saw Vedauwoo written down or in a brochure, how would you say it? If you weren't from Wyoming? Bet you would say Veda-woo not Veda-voo.

Driving here in January we came through Dubois. The correct French pronunciation is Dewb-wah. But in the Cowboy State it's Dew-boyz. This is a great little town between Riverton and Jackson in Fremont County.

Thank goodness we can all pronounce Cheyenne, Burns, Laramie, Carpenter and Pine Bluffs. Although I did hear a story about a radio person recently from another town call Laramie - Lara-my.

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