They say you learn something new every day. Today, I learned that you don't start an argument with a tiny goat thanks to a new video shared out of Dubois, Wyoming today.

This little goat might look cute, but don't give him no lip. Here's what his owner had to say about the "confrontation":

Having a heated argument with my goat on a ranch in Wyoming.

Heated argument? You decide.

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Was that spitting? Wow, you don't try to get the last word in on a goat. As you might imagine, the internet is having a field day with this. Favorite YouTube comments include the following:

Alan Smith - "Baby Goat: Get off my lawn!"

I'm not surprised that someone took this man/goat moment to a Clint Eastwood place.

Thank you Dubois, Wyoming (and goat with owner) for my favorite minute on the net today.

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