What would appear to be a crisis for some is not that big of a deal for a cowboy. Great example of that here as a calf got loose on the interstate recently which led to a cowboy grabbing his lasso and coming to the rescue.

This happened recently in North Dakota according to the video description which added this backstory:

Jesse, August 2021, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, Roping a calf in the middle of the highway, Didn’t want the calf to get ran over by a semi, Calf pretty much roped himself.

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This cowboy is now somewhat famous as this story has even been covered by MSN and other national media sites.

All's well that ends well. The calf didn't look too excited about being captive again, but it was a kind gesture on the cowboy's part to get out and lend a hand to keep the little fellow from being a danger to himself and others on the highway.

This is ordinary fodder for those that understand the cowboy way of life and thinking. It was a few years ago that a different story went viral where a cowboy lassoed a calf from a cop car. Have lasso, will travel.

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