In video games of the past, being a cowboy meant wild gunfights and what you'd be likely to see in a Hollywood movie. A real cowboy knows that their life is hard work and now there's a video game that claims to simulate that.

No, this is not Red Dead Redemption 1 or 2. This is a brand new game called Cowboy Life Simulator. It's very different from the arcade games that have come before it. Did I mention you can currently play the prologue for free as of today? You can. Here's a video that will give you an idea of what the game is gonna be like.

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Here's how the developers describe Cowboy Life Simulator on Steam:

In the 19th century in the Wild West, you are a poor farmer wanting something more from life: you want an adventure. Sit on a horse and become a Cowboy, unfortunately it won't be that easy because many dangers await on that path and you are no hero yet.

Tearing down and building windmills, feeding horses and fixing barns are part of the every day chores you'll do before you venture into potential hero stuff.

Note that you'll need a PC with at least a decent dedicated video card to play Cowboy Life Simulator in an enjoyable way. The prologue was just released today and yes, you can play it for free if being a (sort of) real life cowboy is interesting to you.

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