Looking for something to help you make it through the workday?  Play the all-new Josh Allen video game and see if you can make your way to the top of the leaderboard.

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Ok...it's not Madden.  Heck, it doesn't even have good graphics.  But it's incredibly addicting.  It's the all-new Josh Allen video game that you can play on your phone or your computer.  It's called Josh Allen Runner and it's free to play right now.

The concept is simple.  You play the part of Josh Allen.  As he runs down the field, you have to avoid obstacles like cones, fire hydrants, pink flamingos, and hurdles by jumping over them.  Every time you hit the space bar or tap the screen he will jump.  Hit the space bar twice or tap twice for a double jump.

We did mention that the graphics weren't state-of-the-art, right?  It's an 8-bit game with 8 bit graphics and even the shout song in 8-bit sound playing behind you while you play.

The game is credited to:

Art by Ironfish & JoskerDu
Code by JRVisuals
Music by Major Ostrich

I have to admit that as I was doing "research" for this post I tried it out a couple times.  While I hoped to get on the leaderboard, I couldn't even get close.  At the writing of this article, the top score is over 300.  My personal best isn't even half of that...yet.  As I said, it's a pretty addicting game.  Don't start if you've got a busy schedule because you won't get it done.

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