If you have and/or have worked with cows, you know they can wander themselves into trouble quite easily. One western rancher shared a video proving this theory true once again as his lost cow ended up stuck in a culvert.

According to the video description, this happened recently in Colstrip, Montana. Here's the backstory as provided by the rancher:

Found this cow stuck in a culvert on my ranch in Montana. The other end was open so she walked in and then wound up getting stuck in the mud on the other side. She went in there to get a drink of water. Just not something you see every day. We got her out and she is perfectly fine.

Some pretty tight quarters this big cow found itself in.

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The comments on YouTube have been quite entertaining. Here are a few of my favorites:

Dwight Schrute - "that cow is probably someone's steak by now"

Central Scrutinizer - ".........the look on it's face at the start....priceless."

Jennifer Wills - "Now for a bath"

I'm just happy this big cow and rancher got a happy ending. The animal doesn't appear in distress and kind of seems like it might have enjoyed the experience. Gotta love adventurous livestock.

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