This is not an argument that's going to be settled any time soon. Are wolves good or bad for Wyoming? A new documentary asks that question...whether wolves are predators or prey.

Real Wild is an interesting YouTube channel for wildlife content. In my opinion, this is their best work yet. Here's how they describe the Wyoming wolf issue:

In most of the continental United States, the wild wolf population has been all but wiped out. In 1994, the proposed plan for reintroducing wild wolves into Yellowstone National Park was approved and wolves have slowly been reclaiming the habitat. However, there have been mixed reviews on whether this predator belongs in the area, from farmers protecting their livestock to wildlife managers trying to find the natures balance, are these wolves predators, or prey?

You'll hear from conservationists and ranchers whose opinions are as far apart as the east is from the west.

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So many interesting points in this documentary. I was especially struck by the rancher who mentioned his entire livelihood and family history is tied to his cattle and farm. A park ranger called them out for saying they had been there before the wolves by saying "wolves were here first until they were removed, then you moved in". Again, it's a raging debate and I find compelling arguments on both sides of the issue.

I'm not trying to play both sides of the room, but there are two nonnegotiable facts. 1. Wolves are wolves. They are natural predators and just following their natural instincts. 2. Ranchers in Wyoming lose money and property when a wolf pack exists nearby. How to make both of those points right and help them to exist together? I have no easy solution.

Real Wild is a highly recommended follow on YouTube as they frequently share compelling content like this.

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