The first rule of Yellowstone fight club? You share videos from Yellowstone's fight club. Last week, a bear wandered into the wrong neighborhood of Yellowstone National Park and found himself face to face with a dynamic duo of grumpy wolves. The result? Well, honestly, not much of a fight.

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Wolves vs. Bear

Instagram User Wolftracker shared the incident captured on camera. I'll be honest; I figured there would be more of a fight than seen in the video. After all, in the world of wild animals, bears are tough contenders against wolves.

Yellowstone National Park has studied the interactions between bears and wolves since the wolf reintroduction in 1995 with the Yellowstone Wolfs Project, and according to a interview with the reintroduction project lead Doug Smith, "It's almost like the wolves are the mosquitoes buzzing around the bear's head," Smith says. "Although individual mosquitoes can't overpower you, if there are enough of them, they'll win."

That's precisely what happens in the video from Wolftracker. Our first contender, we'll call him Mr. Bear, gets a little too nosy about the wolves' recent kill and tries to invade the neighborhood. The Dynamic Duo is not down with sharing their fresh bison, so they do what any hungry wolf would do - they chase Mr. Bear away from their delicious dinner.


According to Wolftracker, the wolves weren't content with just fending off their unwanted dinner guest. Instead, they chased the bear for about thirty minutes until Mr. Bear escaped the fight by climbing up a tree. There's plenty of growling, baring of teeth, and snarling from the wolves to warrant the bear choosing to retreat instead of fight.

Do bears typically lose fights against wolves? In a one-on-one match, bears usually win (according to But when a pack is involved, teamwork wins. So, this round of Yellowstone Fightclub goes to the wolves.

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