Most humans never get to witness this. But, thanks to zoom lenses and a photographer at the right place at the right time, you can see some young wolves from the Wapiti wolf pack at play in Yellowstone National Park.

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This video was just shared on YouTube by Rick Johnson with a short backstory:

Recently spent some time in the Hayden Valley observing the Wapiti Lake Wolf Pack. Made some great friends. Witnessed beautiful wolf behavior and extreme weather. All wolf videos were taken through a Phoneskope and a Vortex spotting scope at 150X zoom. In order to not disturb the wolves in their natural habitat, I was watching through a scope from over a mile away.

Rick captured some incredible video of wolves in their natural habitat here.

I appreciate the fact that Rick not only captured some unique and natural wolf behavior, but he did it at an extreme distance. No petting of bison tourist stuff here. Rick was using a massive scope a mile away to grab the video he did.

Yellowstone Wolf shows the Wapiti Pack is growing. I don't believe it's bigger than Junction Butte wolf pack yet, but the website does show 9 new pups for Wapiti over the last year, so that may be changing.

Just another day in the fascinating wildlife ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding backcountry of Wyoming.

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