There is always an uneasy peace between bears and wolves in Yellowstone National Park. That was witnessed by guests (and workers) in the park a few days ago as a grizzly and two wolves came face-to-snout in a showdown in Hayden Valley.

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There's an interesting backstory to this one. Workers in one of the Yellowstone shops also share videos about RV'ing on YouTube. They shared what happened that led up to this video capture:

Working in Yellowstone Camera Store we're always hearing about where people are seeing animals in the park. On this day a couple came in looking to buy a new lens for their camera. While they were in the store they told us about a bison carcass in Hayden Valley. Although the carcass wasn't visible there was a lot of action in the area. Grizzly Bears and Wolves swam the Yellowstone River to get to the side the carcass was on.

You can't see the food source, but it's obvious this grizzly and wolves are defending territory for a reason. No real fight and nothing graphic, but you can touch the predator tension with a knife.

This reminds me of a story shared by CBS News earlier this year about the uneasy coexistence of bears and wolves in Yellowstone. "Unexpected Results" is a good way to put it. Since wolves were reintroduced into that ecosystem back in 1995, the balance of wildlife has been an organic one with each carving out their own existence in Yellowstone. As was the case in this encounter, many times that existence oftentimes overlaps.

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