I've never seen anything quite like this before. A new video share from Yellowstone National Park seems to show a bison bull chasing off wolves and bears after one of their own is fallen.

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Based on this brand new video share by Julie Argyle Photography on Facebook, this strange encounter seems to have happened just days ago in Yellowstone. It's a bison herd surrounding one of their own that has fallen. Watch one bull in particular that takes exception to the wolves approaching for an easy meal and then several grizzlies.

USA Today says that this video was captured by Julie Argyle Photography. They shared a status from Julie on Facebook where she indicated that bison will sometimes come to "pay their respects" to another bison and may defend it for days. They said that she was not able to remain nearby as an incoming storm made that not a good idea. However, it's a compelling look at a part of wildlife behavior in Yellowstone National Park that is not often seen.

Bison paying respect to one of their own and making sure no wolves or bears interfere with that ritual. That's a new one for me.

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