This is one of the mornings when traffic isn't going to move very fast in a Colorado town and there's a very good reason. It's the annual cattle drive where bovines rule the road for awhile.

This is in Carbondale, Colorado. What you're about to see actually began 6 miles from town as Cold Mountain Ranch leads their cows through the city.

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Cold Mountain Ranch is quite famous. The video description on Vimeo mentions that it was homesteaded back in the 1880's and produced so many potatoes, it supplied the entire New York Central Railroad. That's a lot of spud.

This is one traffic jam the locals love. The herd traverses Colorado highway 133 and comes straight through Carbondale. The video description also mentions that Cold Mountain Ranch is now owned by Pitkin County and will forever be preserved because of its history.

The Colorado Water Trust shares some interesting backstory about how the Crystal River provides irrigation for the grazing fields for the cattle of Cold Mountain Ranch.

If this is the type of lifestyle you love, highly recommended that you follow Cold Mountain Ranch on Instagram. You will not lack for cow pictures if you do and we wouldn't want it any other way.

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