When it comes to slowing the spread of wildfires, everyone seems to have an opinion on what should have, could have, or would have been done if they were in charge.

We all vividly remember the Cameron Peak fire from 2020. The largest wildfire in the history of Colorado was right in our backyard. I if think about it, I can see the flames at the summits of the peaks from Johnstown. It was an eerie sight to see. Let's not even get into the smoke and ash that covered Northern Colorado for weeks on end.

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An ally in assisting the slow of wildfires is more than likely an unusual one. Goats. According to the Denver Channel, the Bureau of Land Management has contracted out goatherders to clear the land in some areas of weeds and brush which could be fuel to wildfires.

Hilary Boyd, a biologist for the Bureau of Land Management said that the hopes are that the hungry goats will eat all of the vegetation that is undesirable which could make way for native plants to grow.

This all-you-can-eat buffet for the goats is currently happening now in Western Colorado near the town of Carbondale. After the goats clear the current area, they will be on to the next brush buffet. The Denver Channel states the 800 goat herd will be moving to an area where the Grizzly Creek Fire took place in 2020 to clear the surrounding area of brush.

Source: The Denver Channel 

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