If you think the regular world is crazy, you should see what just happened in a barnyard. Security camera video shows a heroic goat who came to the rescue of a chicken that was being attacked by a hawk.

When I was a kid, I used to watch Marlin Perkin's "Wild Kingdom". The video description says it all:

Not on my farm! When a hawk attacks a chicken, a brave goat and rooster rush in to save their pal.

There's a reason why I found this trending on Digg and other video sites. It's animals gone crazy.

The YouTube comments have not let me down for my need at hilarious analysis. This might be the best of them all:

Lwize - "Maybe it was the chicken's time to go, and the goat disrupted the natural order of life & death. I hope we are not punished for this."

Another mentioned that this goat was really a GOAT (meaning "greatest of all time"). I cannot argue that point.

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In the book, Charlotte's Web, the animals could talk to each other. Watching this goat throw down on a hawk because it's messing with his chicken friend makes me wonder if we should file that book under "non-fiction" now instead.

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