A group of Rock Springs residents is lobbying the Rock Springs City Council to allow people to keep chickens in their backyards.

That's according to Sweetwater Now as well as numerous social media posts.

The same issue was hotly debated in Cheyenne a few years ago. The Cheyenne City Council ended up passing a law allowing for backyard chickens, albeit with some restrictions.

Even though it ended up passing, there were strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Then-Mayor Rick Kaysen, for example, voted no on the proposal. Gillette in 2021 also legalized keeping chickens within city limits.

There is no state law governing the issue, so it's up to local communities to address the matter.

Statewide, according to omlet.us, Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, and several other communities currently allow people to keep chickens within city limits. That of course does not mean that everyone who lives in those communities supports the idea.

Opponents of allowing chickens within city limits often cite concerns about noise and odors, among other issues. But supporters say those concerns can be addressed if local ordinances are well-written.

So what do you think? Are you OK with the idea of letting people keep chickens inside city limits? Take our poll and give us your opinion!

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