Some things just don't change. According to the Wyoming State Historical Society, on St. Patrick's Day in 1918, 22 people were arrested in Casper, allegedly due to St. Patrick's Day celebrations getting out of hand.

Just recently, Casper was named the city in Wyoming with the craziest St. Paddy's Day parties. Casper hosts a party at David Street Station, complete with green beer and plenty of entertainment.

Casper's overall crime rate is just slightly above the country's average of 26%, sitting at 27%, however, with the Wyoming crime rate sitting at only 19%, it's just a little higher than the rest of the Cowboy State. No word on how many people were arrested in Casper for 2019.

However, hopefully in the last 100 years, the rate of arrests has abated a little bit. Though, with Casper... who knows?

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