Now, I love spooky season, so when I found a video on YouTube of the Top Ten Wyoming Scary Urban Legends, I was sold before I hit play...and watched all the commercials before the video started. Now, a lot of these "urban legends I knew", but a few interesting ones included in the video were pretty interesting.

First off, the guy didn't bother to look up pronunciations, wait until you hear him say "Platte River" and "Cheyenne". Gen Z, man. But, he did a great job of researching various urban legends in the Cowboy State overall, so he deserves some admiration for that.

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Here, check out the video for yourself.

If you didn't watch the video, or you're at work, I'll go ahead and list his top ten for you.

  1. The Sheridan Inn
  2. Old Faithful Inn
  3. Heart Mountain Relocation Center
  4. Frontier Prison
  5. Devils Tower
  6. Ghostly Bride Of The Plains Hotel
  7. F.E. Warren Airbase
  8. Ghost Ship Of The Platte River
  9. Pedro Mountains Mummy
  10. Big Nose George Parrott

Now, out of this list, there were only about three that I wasn't aware of, that included the ghost ship, the mummy, and George Parrott. I kind of found the ghost ship story pretty harrowing. I may or may not have had chills reading that, no joke. The mummy story was pretty crazy, as well. The George Parrott story was a fun western story. I may have heard that one before, but I'm not sure.

What do you think? Are these our best "urban legends"?

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