The urban legend of Dunn's Tomb in Leonard, Michigan, a northern suburb of Detroit, was possibly one of the biggest and most well-known haunted myths in the area as far back as I can remember. It could be compared to the urban myth that Elvis was seen in a Kalamazoo Burger King in the 80's or even the well-known dark history of the Black Path. Either way, you look at it, this seemingly harmless burial site has been the center of a lot of rumors that most likely never happened. But that's what makes it an urban legend. Could it be a total fabrication, or is there some validity to this story?

The story goes, loosely, that a group of teens went into Lakeville Cemetery and went inside Dunn's Tomb. One of the girls that were with them ended up getting locked inside to tomb by her friends, where they had left her locked in all night. When they came back in the morning to let her out, they found that she had clawed her fingers down to the bone trying to claw her way out, and she had died.

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The story seems a lot more like a creepy horror movie than something that actually happened. There's no evidence of death ever occurring in or around the tomb, but it does make you wonder where it came from. The really sad thing is that people have been visiting this spot and have been vandalizing the burial site of these people, scratching things into the wood on the outside of the tomb. One person recalls the time they spent in the graveyard as a kid

Back in the mid 90's, I visited this place a bunch of times, usually after dark. Distant whispers, odd shadows, yeah, this place is super creepy. The only other place that creeped me out this much was Gettysburg.

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