Ben Strongwolf Rodriguez is a Paranormal Investigator and Founder of G.C.P Ghost Contact Paranormal & is also a Youtube Video Producer who is from Holt, Michigan, just south of Lansing and is living his dream of documenting and investigating the unknown. Sometimes while diving into the unknown, even weirder things that you might be expecting can happen. What was a night of paranormal investigating at the Randolph County Asylum in Indiana, turned into a moment where he felt he may have had an encounter with a UFO. But could it be something else?

He had his ghost camera rolling when he recognized some kind of steady moving craft moving left from the top right of the screen to the middle. The craft seems to have a steady direction of movement but the footage makes it hard to tell what it could be:

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What About A Plane?

Someone brought up the fact it could just be a plane, but he seemingly debunked it based on prior experiences:

There were a few planes that I caught on here previously that didn't look anything like this or even move the same. However, I can't completely rule out that though, that's why I'm asking the question lol.

Most Likely Explanation

There's a good possibility that it is either a drone or a military helicopter with noise canceling. However, it still has yet to be debunked or identified, so I get it'll be up to the readers to decide for themselves if it REALLY was a UFO. What do you think it was?

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