The Great American Beer Festival or GABF is the biggest and most prestigious craft beer festival in America. It's kind of like our Oktoberfest(Munich Germany). So it's a really big deal when a local brewery or a brewery in your state wins a medal(bronze, silver or gold). This year's festival was again virtual, due to Covid-19, but brewers and some staff were able to at least accept their awards in person this year.

We're really lucky here in the Cowboy State to have the breweries that we do, because our state shows up! We had 4 beers win from 3 breweries in Wyoming. That's really cool! I mean, we all know that our craft brewers are great, and it's nice to see them on the national stage, showing that we have some of the best breweries in the country.

Black Tooth Brewing Company

Black Tooth is based out of Sheridan, but has a taproom and brewery in Cheyenne, with a taproom opening soon in Casper. Black Tooth took home 2 medals this year! Their 307 Lager won a Silver medal in the Light Lager competition. And their 1314 won a Silver medal in the Wood and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer category. You can drink both of these Silver medal winning brews in the Cheyenne taproom.

Altitude Chophouse & Brewery

Altitude is no stranger to getting GABF medals. Located in Laramie, their beers have gotten a lot of love from the festivals in years past. This year, they won a Bronze medal for their Altitude Banquet.

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Melvin Brewing

Melvin is also another GABF darling and they brought home another medal this year. Melvin is out of Alpine Wyoming, and their beer, Ruckus won a Bronze medal in Wood And Barrel Aged Strong Stout category.

A couple thoughts, Wyoming has two of the three best light beers in America, and we also have great Barrel Aged brews. Congrats to our medal winners!

Wyoming's Top Beers Come From Laramie, Sheridan & Jackson

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