My heart broke a little bit with this announcement. Sure, I get it, safety is a huge part of why they aren't doing this in person. I'm also having to wipe the tears off my keyboard as I type this, so please excuse any typos. The sliver lining, like most festivals, is there is a plan in place for 2022.

Check out this post from The Great American Beer Festival's Facebook page. I saw it and gave my best "Stone Cold Steve Austin OH HELL YEAH" but then I clicked and noticed that it's pushed to 2022. Oof.

We are excited to announce the nationwide #GABF Passport program will return Sept. 17 - Oct. 17, 2021 and we are planning an in-person festival for our 40th anniversary in 2022!

See, that's how they getcha. They're all like, yeah this is going to return and I'm all over here getting my liver ready for the festival. So I click on the link to their webpage and I get.

The Great American Beer Festival® (GABF), the country’s largest ticketed beer festival, will skip its public event in 2021 and return in person to celebrate its 40th anniversary October 6-8, 2022 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

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Oh, I see. Well then. I'll do my passport, but wont be happy about it. Really, I will be happy about it, the passport system is pretty cool. I'm over here rewriting the lyrics to Annie's "Tomorrow" to 2022. "20-22, 20-22, I'm about to come unglued, you're only a year aaaaa waaaaay!" Sad face. Really, though, cheers to next year, I'll look forward to it.


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