Last September, Hobbytown USA at 5220 Rue Terre was days from closing, another victim of Cheyenne’s hard economy. This would be a tragedy. Hobby stores do more than provide jobs and taxes locally. They build character, creativity, knowledge, confidence, coordination, problem-solving skills, parent-child relationships and a sense of wonder and accomplishment.

But the “Going Out Of Business” signs were up. and 6 employees were seeking other work. But then a miracle of sorts happened.

Word got out here and on TV and the community saw the value of what they were about to lose. They rallied to save Hobbytown USA and today, they are still open.  Crisis averted.

Small businesses usually make 25% of their annual revenue during the holiday shopping season and thankfully, people are still supporting this store that was so close to the brink of disaster.

Chris Bopp says things are going well as the local store battles the giant box stores and online mega-competitors. The most popular gifts are RC Cars and RC Drones. The drones are mostly for fun but ranchers, farmers, real estate agents are some who are putting these “toys” to work.


“Amazon is not putting their kids through school or paying the family mortgage.”

-Chris Bopp, Hobbytown USA


Support small business, keep the money local. It will benefit us all.

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