This week's sold-out concert at the Cheyenne Civic Center will be a homecoming for Avett Brothers singer Scott Avett. The Grammy-nominated songwriter was born in Cheyenne in 1976.

Scott's father was a North Carolina-native who came west after serving in the Navy. Jim and Susie Avett originally settled in Alaska, where they welcomed their first child, Bonnie. A job offer brought them to Cheyenne two years later, where Scott was born. With two small children in tow, the family moved back to North Carolina and their youngest son Seth arrived four years later.

In 2000, Scott and Seth formed a band and began touring. They are now considered among the top bluegrass and folk artists in the country. Their latest release, 2016's True Sadness debuted at #3 on the Billboard Albums Chart and spawned the hit single "Ain't No Man".

The band was recently profiled in the HBO documentary May It Last: A Portrait Of the Avett Brothers, directed by acclaimed producer Judd Apatow. The film showcases the history of the family and the making of their latest album.

Although he now calls North Carolina home, Scott pays tribute to his birthplace in The Traveling Song, singing "I was born out west in Cheyenne town, while my ma and pa was ramblin' around." Hopefully, the band will play it when Scott returns to Cheyenne for the first time since childhood.


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