Summer seems to have finally arrived in Cheyenne. With days seeing 80 degrees or higher, nothing sounds better than a nice, cold glass of lemonade!
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Our city's youth have answered the call, with freshly squeezed beverage stands popping up around the city. Kids are honing their entrepreneurial skills with the age-old classic practice of opening a lemonade stand.
Cheyenne's Firefighters want to support these young enterprising lemonade stand owners with Operation Lemonade Stand.

What Is Operation Lemonade Stand?

Firefighters love a glass of lemonade just as much as the next person (if not more - an ice-cold beverage after a day in firefighting gear must be twice as refreshing.) Operation Lemonade Stand is one way the city's fire departments connect with and supports our community. Cheyenne firefighters " look forward to spending time with the youth of our community during their summer break. This is a great opportunity to show the kids support while having some fun."
The dedicated firefighting teams of Cheyenne are ready to load up into a firetruck and head over for a glass of freshly squeezed goodness... as long as you give them enough notice!

How Kids Can Take Part in Operation Lemonade Stand

All of Cheyenne's youth are welcome to participate in Operation Lemonade Stand. Cheyenne Firefighters just ask that they receive ample notice so they can fit a visit into their busy schedule.
How Much Notice?
The more notice the firefighters get, the better! "We would prefer a 24hr notice, but a few hours is okay too. We can't guarantee we'll make it to all of them due to training and call volume, but we'll certainly do our best," explained a representative of the firefighters.

Kids (with permission or help from their parents) can notify the firefighters via Facebook Messenger. The Cheyenne Firefighters request a private message be sent to ensure they see the information in a timely fashion. You can find their Facebook page by clicking here.

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