Are you a gamer?

Before you answer, consider this - you don't need an X-Box, PC, or PlayStation to be a gamer. If you've ever played Texas Hold 'Em, 'Monopoly,' or 'Clue'...well, you might be a gamer.

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That's the logic behind Brad Koch and the Wyoming Gaming Library's brainchild, the Cheyenne Gaming Convention. In chatting with Brad, I discovered (much to my surprise) that I am a gamer. I love a game of 'Risk' or 'Munchkin.'

The WGL is a non-profit organization that gives back to the local community using no-cost gaming resources. In addition, the library works to support community schools, hospitals, and other charities like Grace for 2 Brothers across the Front Range.

How Cheyenne Got Itself The ONLY Gaming Convention in Wyoming

The WGL and the Cheyenne Gaming Convention began as the dream of WGL President Brad Koch. He and his family moved to Cheyenne in 2015 and quickly fell in love with the city. But, Brad revealed, he was shocked to see Cheyenne had five dedicated gaming shops and not a single gaming convention nearby. Brad and the other dedicated members of the Wyoming Gaming Library's board got to work. In 2019, their labors paid off, and the first Cheyenne Gaming Convention opened its doors to local and traveling gamers.

But I had to ask him, "Why bring a gaming convention to Cheyenne? Why not just host game nights at a local shop?"

"Go big or go home," Brad answered, smiling. "This was a Field of Dreams moment."

The 2019 Cheyenne Gaming Convention was a home run. The second iteration in 2022 was even bigger. Now, the convention is approaching its third year here in the Capital City. This year, Brad and the WGL want to continue building on two aspects of the convention and the Wyoming Gaming Library's mission; charity and community.


"Games create connections," said Brad during our interview. "And games are for everyone. All ages." He added. The belief that people of all ages can connect and have fun over games is one of the reasons that the Cheyenne Gaming Convention hosts board games and activities spanning all age groups, from Texas Hold 'Em to classics like Candyland.

"I remember one coworker showed up to the convention with his grandson." he laughed, "The gentleman sat down to play Street Fighter with him and absolutely killed it." The ability to connect people from all generations and walks of life is one of the great powers of gaming in Brad's (and my own) book.


The Wyoming Gaming Library is a non-profit relying on donations, and the annual convention is a vital part of its budget. This year, the WGL is working towards buying a bus to retcon into a mobile gaming library similar to the Laramie County Library's Bookmobile. The mobile unit will bring the WGL to local charity events and fundraisers and provide its services to schools, hospitals, and community non-profits.

What to Expect at the 2023 Cheyenne Gaming Convention

This year's gaming convention will feature a smorgasbord of video games, tabletop adventures, and board games. Attendees can sit down to play a classic game like Monopoly or Uno with their family, cruise to victory in the Mario Kart tournament, or try to conquer the globe in a game of Risk. The games are seemingly endless at the convention. And several of the events held at the convention can win you cash!

You'll also find gaming vendors, new concept Indy Games presented by their creators, and events to teach you to play games like Dungeons and Dragons (that's probably where you'll find me.) There's something for everyone at the Cheyenne Gaming Convention...and your attendance helps fund the Wyoming Gaming Library's next adventure.

You can find tickets for the 2023 Cheyenne Gaming Convention by clicking here.

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