Have you met "Shelly" yet? The Planters Peanuts promotional vehicle, affectionately named the "Nutmobile" rolled into Cheyenne over the weekend, making two appearances at the King Soopers on Dell Range.

The Nutmobile also stopped in Rawlins as it continues a cross-country road trip that began in North Carolina two months ago.

The vehicle was accompanied by several members of the "Peanutters" road crew including "Dani-shell", "Lightly Salted Lexi" and "Honey Roasted Harrison", who take turns dressing as the Planters mascot "Mr. Peanut".

Unfortunately, visitors aren't allowed inside Nutmobile. However, we're told it's pretty fast for a motorhome shaped like a giant peanut. According to the road crew, it can hit over 75 mph on the highway.



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