Just the other day, Sheridan City Council approved a new program to help with residents waste, according to Wyoming Public Media.

The program is called 'Pay-As-You-Throw,' and the program received an initial amount of $75,000 to start. The program is set up like your water or electricity bill, however much you use for the month is how much you have to pay. If you have three bags of trash, you pay for that, if you only have one bag of trash then that's what you pay for. The problem is that people generate too much trash and don't recycle enough. This point of this program is to get people to recycle more which is free to do. Plus, the landfills are getting too full and they hope this will help that as well.

"It's a smart way to reduce trash and reward citizens for being good citizens of the environment and using wise management practices. And it's just more equitable," Jacob Martin, Sheridan City Councilman told Wyoming Public Media.

Now that they have the money and the idea of what they want to do, it will take several months to figure out and implement their new program.

Would you like to see Cheyenne implement this program?

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