John Tabor got a rude awakening Friday morning. Just after he rolled out of bed around 6 a.m., he looked out the window and saw an adult mountain lion sleeping on the porch in his back yard, three miles east of Cheyenne off of U.S. Highway 85.

"I was just making a cup of coffee when I noticed our cat was acting weird," Tabor said. "That's when I saw the cougar."

The former CFD Contract Acts Chairman called Wyoming Game and Fish who attempted to capture, tranquilize, and relocate the animal. As they cornered the cougar and prepared to shoot it with a dart, it hid behind a bush in his yard, then jumped a fence and raced off.

Tabor was happy the animal escaped unharmed and hopes that mountain lion won't show up again.

"It ended well, the cat didn't get hurt," he said. "Hopefully, (Game and Fish) can find it and move it back to the mountains where it belongs."

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