Do you roll your recycle bin to the curb every two weeks?

Residents who are part of the City of Cheyenne's recycling program are asked to bag their materials before putting them in their blue-topped bins on windy days through April.

Dennis Pino, Solid Waste Director for the City of Cheyenne, says because of weeks of extremely windy conditions, the City is asking Cheyenne residents to bag their recyclable materials to help prevent items from blowing away and creating a litter problem in neighborhoods.
Pino says In the past they have asked residents to throw their recyclable material loosely into their recycling containers but during the windiest months, January through April, they are asking residents to bag their recyclables in either a 15- or 30 -gallon plastic bag or a large paper bag before placing them in the appropriate container.
Sanitation officials are also asking residents to refrain from placing their recycling
container out to be emptied on extremely windy days if their recycling container is not full and wait until their next regularly scheduled pickup day.