Malcolm Campbell has been collecting gemstones for most of his 82 years. Thanks to his caregiver and a generous local business owner, when his time comes, Malcolm will be laid to rest next to his favorite rock, a rose quartz.

Mr. Campbell's final resting place in Lakeview Cemetery has now been robbed twice. The rose quartz he placed on his future burial site was pried off by a crowbar. It must have been too heavy to carry away because it was found behind a tree several hundred feet away. After Campbell put the rock back on the gravestone, it was taken again.

When Campbell's caregiver Stephanie Edwards posted a picture of the missing rock on social media, she was contacted by several people who have also had stones stolen or vandalized from the gravesites of loved ones. She also heard from a local businessman who volunteered to replace the missing stone.

Edwards has spoken to Lakeview groundkeepers and filed a police report. Unfortunately, unless the culprits are caught in the act, there's not much that local law enforcement can do. Now she hopes the story will help prevent similar acts of theft and vandalism in the future.

"I'm not sure if people in Cheyenne are aware this is happening, and I'm worried it will continue to happen if we don't bring more attention to it," she said.

Courtesy of Stefanie Campbell
A 70 lb. rose quartz was taken from this burial plot. Courtesy of Stefanie Campbell

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