We've talked a lot about how we're trying to help Needs Inc. Food Pantry with all their efforts for those in need in Cheyenne. We worked with them on the Cheyenne Turkey Drop, that lead to stuffing their food pantry to capacity, which is awesome, and thank you! It's great to see the number of individuals and families that are being helped out by generosity and kindness.

The final number of individuals and families being helped out for Thanksgiving came out and I thought it would be awesome to share! Check out these numbers that they posted on their Facebook page.

Thank you so much for helping us feed families in Laramie County! Over 246 families received Thanksgiving dinner because of the generosity of our community!

246 families is incredible! The post also went on to say that the individual numbers were 516. That's a lot of work that the awesome workers and volunteers at Needs Inc. are providing to people in need in Laramie county.

Now that we see what they're doing, let's not forget that we can help out Needs Inc. Food Pantry as they look to expand and update their cooler/freezer situation. They are trying to hit their goal of $25,000 in donations, well, as of last night, they're at $10,010! They are so close to their goal, remember as tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, that they're a great candidate to donate to, with all that they're doing for our community. If you'd like to donate to Needs Inc. Food Pantry, you can do so through this link.

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