What does Cheyenne, Wyoming, have in common with Manchester, England, Kagoshima, Japan, Suzhou, China, Yangoon, Myanmar, and Dushanbi, Tajikistan?

They are all home to the best tea houses in the world.

Earlier this year, CNN published a list honoring 11 Of the World's Best Tea Houses, including Rx Tea Time in Cheyenne, which they described as a "different kind of tea experience."

According to their online reviews, this might be one story that CNN actually got right. All 31 of their Facebook reviewers gave the experience a perfect 5-star rating. They have also received a 100% excellent rating on Trip Advisor.

The Victorian-era tea room offers 27 unique flavors, many of which are purported to have health benefits. Their premium blend is said to help reduce blood pressure and aid in digestion. Each "tea time" also features a variety desserts, fruits and pastries.



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